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Bridal Party Flowers

I’m so sick of looking at flowers, but I think I’ve finally decided on the kind of bouquet I want for my wedding! I just want to talk to my fiancé about it. I’m sure he really won’t care, but I just want him to feel involved in the planning LOL!

Hydrangeas: I can’t wait to add my special touch to my bouquet!

hj eh

Baby’s Breath for the Bridesmaids and groomsmen:

try this onegm

I’ve never been really big on flowers, but I really like these. They’re just so cute and simple. I can kind of picture my bridesmaids walking down the isle with these.






Perhaps something like this? Yes, it’s probably going to be similar to this 🙂




I’m usually a laid back person. I love to read. I’m a history nerd. If I could go back in time and meet just one person it would probably be Pope John Paul II. I’m married to my best friend. Fall is my favorite season. The Giant Panda is my favorite animal. I love it when you go somewhere, see something, or even eat something and it bring back memories from your past. I love the smell of rain. Oh, and by the way, I’m Leila (lie-luh).

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