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My rant

I do not understand some of these wedding shows. How can they honestly critique a bride for being “too modest” on her wedding day. This woman is getting married in a Catholic Church and wants her shoulders covered. It is not just the consultants that are giving her a hard time, but her family is critiquing her for it too! It is obnoxious enough trying to find the right dress. I mean, I had to deal with that too when I was shopping for my wedding dress. Just because it is my wedding day does not make how I dress in Church any less important. It is still the mass and I am still going to be kneeling before the Eucharist. Do people even care about these things anymore?



I’m usually a laid back person. I love to read. I’m a history nerd. If I could go back in time and meet just one person it would probably be Pope John Paul II. I’m married to my best friend. Fall is my favorite season. The Giant Panda is my favorite animal. I love it when you go somewhere, see something, or even eat something and it bring back memories from your past. I love the smell of rain. Oh, and by the way, I’m Leila (lie-luh).

One thought on “My rant

  1. What really annoys me with weddings is that so many people think they have a say in it. I’ve seen that happen so many times and it takes quite a bit of the joy out of what should be an enormously happy day. In my opinion, it’s the couple’s day and they should have it exactly how they want it to be. If anyone doesn’t like it, the response should be, “Sorry, we’ll miss you.”

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