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Dear Me

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m choosing to take part in  the #DearMe project.  The challenge goes as follows: “We all know that growing up is tough. But if you could go back in time, what wisdom would you share with your teenage self? It all starts with two words. Dear Me.”


Dear Me,

Where do I begin? Things are kind of rough at home right now, but it’s going to be okay. Things will work themselves out and you will grow so much as a person because of it. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be hard and moving on is going to hurt, but you will find happiness again. Faith will guide you. Also, your world isn’t going to end because the guy you have a crush on doesn’t notice you. So stop trying so hard to be something you’re not because if he doesn’t like you for the person that you are, he really isn’t worth your time.  Eventually, one day you will run into the guy that will appreciate you and love you for the person that you are. You will fall in love with his mind because it so perfectly harmonizes with yours. He’ll appreciate your love for reading and art. He’ll always be willing to discuss, listen, and help you whenever you need it.  He’ll challenge you in so many different ways, but you both will become more open people because of it.  Remember always to just be yourself.  It’s okay to be awkward. You will learn to  become more comfortable with it in due time. Your anxiety will become easier to handle. Just remember to breathe. The day will come when you will be able to look back at all of your decisions and events in your life (good and bad) and be incredibly thankful.

Yours Truly,

The Older You



I’m usually a laid back person. I love to read. I’m a history nerd. If I could go back in time and meet just one person it would probably be Pope John Paul II. I’m married to my best friend. Fall is my favorite season. The Giant Panda is my favorite animal. I love it when you go somewhere, see something, or even eat something and it bring back memories from your past. I love the smell of rain. Oh, and by the way, I’m Leila (lie-luh).

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