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Sparklers, kittens, and friends 

Man, the past few weeks have just flown by and so many things have happened! After weeks of searching (and many prayers to Saint Anthony for intersession) we’ve found our new apartment! I’m so excited to move in! I just can’t wait to furniture shop and decorate! Aside from that excitement work has been keeping my husband and I busy for the most part. Oh, and also our new kittens! My husband rescued them actually. He was putting in an application for a back up apartment when the maintenance man brought in two small kittens in a milk create. They were going to send them to the pound but my husband decided to take them home. I absolutely love our little furry additions to our family! I would like to introduce: Penelope (Penn) and Thomas (Tom).

BORIS - blog 1

Our Fourth of July weekend was pretty low key this year. We drove back down to Warner Robins and spent the day with our family and old friends. We grilled, swam, and played board games. When night fell, we were finally able to start playing with fireworks!  I’m fairly certain that this was the first year I didn’t burn myself when playing with the Sparklers. Ha!

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The following day I got to spend some time with my niece! I can’t believe that she’ll be going into first grade this year! She’s growing up so fast! I still remember how tiny she was when she was first born! I love spending time with my sweet princess when I can. Kurtis and I took her and both of our parents out to eat and then we went shopping. It was great 🙂

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The following Friday was Olivia’s (surprise) going away party. It was nice getting to spend time with my sorority sisters, but it was even better getting to spend time with both my twin and big. I hadn’t seen them since my wedding! I never realize how much I miss a person until I see them again. It was nice getting a chance to visit with them. I always leave their company a bit more inspired. They are both very successful and accomplished women! I’m so happy we’re in the same family line! 🙂

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I had to separate a tad early  from the going away party to prepare the house for a visit of a very dear friend of mine. Yep, my friend Mike came and visited! While he was in Atlanta we visited Bodies the Exhibition. I hadn’t visited the museum since high school and I thought it would be fun to see how they would both react to it. After our trip we left Atlantic Station in search of food. We were going to take him to one of our favorite BBQ places, but unfortunately they were closed for renovations. Instead we took him to Cook Out. It was fun getting to visit and chit chat. When I lived in Warner Robins, he was my spontaneous trip buddy. Well, mainly Eucharistic adoration and quick food trip friend, lol. It was really nice getting a chance to sit and visit. I think one of my biggest fears about moving back to Atlanta permanently  is just not being able to see my friends as often as I used too. It’s just another part of growing up I guess.

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I’m usually a laid back person. I love to read. I’m a history nerd. If I could go back in time and meet just one person it would probably be Pope John Paul II. I’m married to my best friend. Fall is my favorite season. The Giant Panda is my favorite animal. I love it when you go somewhere, see something, or even eat something and it bring back memories from your past. I love the smell of rain. Oh, and by the way, I’m Leila (lie-luh).

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